Life Skills


Our boys are immersed in interactive, attention grabbing activities that enable them to learn social and emotional skills like anger management to achieve and maintain success in life.  These positive transformative experiences resonate and ultimately improve the lives of troubled and disadvantaged youth.


At REECII, we pair our young men with adult mentors. These mentors provide experiences and opportunities that encourage our boys to be their best self. These interactions are carried out in small group settings where the facilitator acts as a role model and mentor for youth who may never have experienced positive relationships.


Many of the young men that we encounter end up entering the working world at an early age. Whether they are working part time jobs after school to help earn money for their families or they are recent graduates embarking on the next chapter of their lives, they benefit greatly from our job readiness courses that prepare them for the world of gainful employment.

FINANCIAL literacy


Our financial literacy program strategically teaches sound financial literacy skills. Our boys develop an understanding of classical economic theory and learn strategic decision-making so they can manage and grow their money. One of the most important things that our boys learn about is sustainability and entrepreneurship through the art form of weaving. Our goal is to empower our boys to overcome economic challenges that they face.

FITNESS AND healthy living

REECII aims to improve our youth’s health and well-being by providing programs and activities that promote wellness, reduce risk for disease and help them reclaim their health. This program, much like all of our other programs, seek to make our boys and our communities better. The end result is to empower our boys so that they can then go out and empower their community to value healthy lifestyle choices.


“There is nothing more empowering for youth coming from an at-risk background than to hear that someone needs their help,” -David Battey, President/Founder of Youth Volunteer Corps, Kansas, MO.

We wish to engender value and self-worth in our boys through community outreach services. These experiences teach them that they too can positively contribute to their community.