OUALIE (Brown)

Our hand woven, eco-friendly tote made from leather and rattan from the finest palm trees in Nevis. Perfect for the classy woman who has real style and never follows mediocre fashion trends and fads. Our feminine tote will only add to your elegance. 


A new creation is made from rattan from palm trees throughout Saint Kitts and Nevis, the Qualie Brown. Meticulously woven by hand to form this masterpiece. Leather details serve only as a complement to the natural exquisiteness of the art. Entwined with perfection, it takes one of our artisans seven entire days to complete this work of art. It is one of the most intricate pieces in our collection.

Named after the native name of the island of Nevis, the Qualie Brown represents a connection to our roots and to nature. Native people value Mother Nature and ensure to connect with everything on earth. From the big, open sky to the small, tousled grass, everything in nature has its own place and value. The grass used to create this bag represents our connection to nature. We hope to inspire you to take time to value the world around. It is a blessing.

Material Grass
Interior Patterned cotton lining
Exterior Leather accessories and four feet at the bottom
Closure Zipper
Interior Details Three slip pockets and one main compartment
Measurements 11 x 5.5 8
Handles and straps Double handles