HIBISCUS (Cards Black)


Our handcrafted, eco-friendly barrel bag made from hundreds of playing cards. Perfect for the woman who is not afraid to take risks and knows she is a queen. Let everyone know that they have to play their cards right to hang around you.


H undreds of recycled playing cards are meticulously woven by hand to form this masterpiece. Leather details serve only as a complement to the beauty of transforming an everyday item into an elegant creation. Stitch by stitch, card by card, it takes one artisan five entire days to complete this work of art.

Named after flowering plant found in tropical regions, the Hibiscus represents endurance and versatility. Hibiscus flowers can enhance the beauty of any garden with their breathtaking appearance. The hibiscus, however, is not just beautiful but able to adapt to any environment it is in. Whether it is crammed in an urban space or even in a small pot, the hibiscus does not stop growing. We hope to inspire you with the spirit of surviving adversity, no more matter your situation, you must continue to grow into a better person than you were yesterday.

Material Grass
Interior Patterned cotton lining
Exterior Leather accessories and four feet at the bottom
Closure Zipper
Interior Details Three slip pockets and one main compartment
Measurements 11 x 5.5 8
Handles and straps Double handles