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"When I hand-made my first purse as an personal craft project it was far from perfect, but I loved it and knew it was the beginning of something great."



First, Lets start with Maricia...

I must say our journey started because of my love for art. I am a Registered Nurse in the United States that needed a creative outlet. I started hand weaving purses during my time off. One day my brother saw me making a purse and was intrigued by the sight. I wondered how could such a big, muscular guy be interested in a purse? What he found interesting was my ability to make such a detailed creation by hand. I realized that this was a unique talent because many people my age were never taught how to hand weave or sew. It is an unfortunate dying art and I knew I had found something special. I needed to find a way to teach others and spread our arts.








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