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Melding of the minds

Melding of the minds…

I hesitantly showed Leroy the hand-woven purse and he too was intrigued I expressed to Leroy how I wished I could teach people how to make purses and revamp the dying art of hand weaving. Leroy agreed with me and expressed concerns about the lack of interesting arts and crafts programs available to the local youth population.


At the moment, we both realized that we could combine my love of the arts and his love of community to help our young people. That began the Reecii’s journey. The combination of our ideas is seen through Reecii’s three focus areas. 1) To reduce gang violence, 2) To preserve the arts, and 3) To learn to live harmoniously with the environment. We employ underprivileged women who deserve a decent wage and provide them a trade they can use for life. Next these women become skilled at weaving and making elegant purse designs. We use the profits from our purse collection to teach at risk teenagers and young adults life skills. These life skills include team building, financial accountability, and social/communication skills, Health and wellness to name a few. The activities include rock climbing, Helping the underprivileged, cleanups and counseling to name a few. Our youth are excited about THEIR program and we are proud of our involvement in making an impact.

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